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Hello from Darren M

Posted by Darren M 
August 03, 2012 05:50PM
I've have had a look for the BEN forums a few times over the last few years and thought they were completely lost. I think I remember this site being created (or was it another temporary site?) but when I later did a quick search when I had some spare time I couldn't find anything (and my old bookmarks failed too if I remember correctly)

Anyway, I have found the site and thought I would pop in to say a quick 'hi' while relaxing enjoying a sip of vino. Had a quick look through the recent posts and see a few names from the past.

Quick background. I had an E30 318 back in 1998 that I later traded to get a 320 and from there an M3 that I had for 4.5 years. After selling the Evo2 after 4.5 years I later bought an M3 Evo 2. I believe the last time I would have posted I still had the car, as a second car alongside a Z4 3.0Si Coupe. I kept the Evo 2 for a few years (four years I think?)and started a light restoration project. I never got to use the car that much and had very little time spare for it as a second car. I also was about to change my lifestyle/career a bit and needed to cut my living costs so the Evo 2 had to reluctantly go but it went very quickly to an enthusiast who I believe is still in the process of doing a full restoration at the moment so was an ideal owner for the rare car.

Anyway, career wise things didn't quite go to plan which was not necessarily a bad thing(it was a bit of a trial). I was later able to pick up an E30 again but decided I would still have little time or space for two cars so instead I upgraded the Z4 3.0Si Coupe to a Z4 M Coupe. This proved a great decision for me and I have been enjoying it ever since (from around July 2009 to present and from 6800 miles to 78,000 miles at present - lots of miles!). I remember my E30 days very well and still a fan but no longer own one. Should I have the time and space I will definately look at picking one up again but probably not an M3 (given their current values!).

So, a quick 'hello' from me. And I hope you are all enjoying your fabulous E30's smiling smiley

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August 03, 2012 07:39PM
Hi Darren,

I remember your M3 restoration posts an pics very well. You had us all drooling for that car!

Welcome back and thanks for stopping long enough to reintroduce yourself :cool2:
August 04, 2012 02:09PM
Hi Darren,

I remember your M3 restoration posts an pics very well. You had us all drooling for that car!

Welcome back and thanks for stopping long enough to reintroduce yourself :cool2:

Me too, and welcome back Darren. So, what did you decide to do with your life/career? Something fun I hope :wavey:

I manged to get a nice 88 325is/5 that I've been driving/restoring since 2004. I love it and hope I can continue with it for a while. Just got collector insurance for 200 a year!

Cheers, Rick

perseverance furthers
August 04, 2012 02:45PM
Hello hello! Welcome back. I remember how jealous I was at the Z4 and the M3. I hope life's been good to you. See you around!
August 04, 2012 04:06PM

Didn't you go in to training to be a 'bobby'?
How did that work out?
August 06, 2012 10:43AM
Hey Darren M !

I remember your M pictures.
smileys with beer
December 14, 2013 01:18PM
Back again for a flying visit.

No, I didn't go into training to be bobby that was Neil M (who had a 325).
I did get the career back on track, but the hiccup was one of the reasons for selling the first E30 M3. Today I'm working for my own company, usually with quite a few clients but luckily for past few years have managed to stay working with one client so have had a bit of stability and without a massive commute each day!

I now no longer have the Z4 M Coupe and instead have a rather mundane X1 xDrive. I nearly bought the Z4 M Coupe back again as it sat on the dealer forecourt for quite a while but sensible side won through (as I really had nowhere to store it). FOr now I just have the X1 and will keep this as my daily driver and pick something up in a few years for fun, providing I finally buy a home with a garage!

Nice to see names I remember still here and hope you're all well.
Well done getting the classic insure Rick smiling smiley

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