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Hey, its white out there, far out!

Posted by rkj 
December 20, 2008 07:30AM
Okay, its just an inch or so, but its a start smiling smiley come on winter, grab another gear.

perseverance furthers
December 20, 2008 07:33AM
You can have the foot of snow Mother Nature dumped on my house...I have no use for this junk! winking smiley
December 20, 2008 10:55AM
Andy 90 325i
You can have the foot of snow Mother Nature dumped on my house...I have no use for this junk! winking smiley

Rick can have my 6"s as well smiling bouncing smiley

Unfortunately it will be around for several more days with more coming tomorrow. The long range forecast says we will have a white Christmas...this will only be the second time in the twenty years I've been in this house eye popping smiley

Another thing we don't see to often here is the 1/2" of frost on the inside of the aluminum window casings eye popping smiley
January 01, 2009 09:21PM
Most of the 14 inches I have shoveled off my drive the past two weeks is melted but more is forecast for tomorrow. Just in time to go back to work on Friday. Hope it melts and I do not have to shovel it. My appetite for snow is satisfied for now. The rain and frost will suffice for a while thanks.

I was saved by having a set of old studded snow tires for the rusty old Suburban that took us wherever we needed to go during the worst of it. Our local tree huggers were reluctant to use salt on the roads because it would run off into the Puget Sound (which IS salt water, people) and that might be bad for something or other. Lots of people could not get to work and of course if one wanted to ride a bus or had to...no luck there either. On one day there were over 200 of themstuck or otherwise abandonded by by the drivers along the streets in the snow and ice.

Bob in Everett
January 02, 2009 07:22AM
Letter from Canada

After emigrating from South Africa to the land of the Maple Leaf, due to the crime and politics etc, etc, they promise to keep in touch with daily e-mails to friends and loved ones back in good old South Africa.

Day 1
Today we arrived at the airport and were met by Frank’s new boss and his wife, they drove us to our new house, and it is quite amazing to see how people manage to drive in the snow.
We met the moving truck at the house and spent most of the day unpacking boxes and arranging furniture while the kids played outside in the snow, this was a real treat for them, never having seen snow in South Africa, and they looked so cute in their winter gear and throwing snowballs at each other, it is such a change for us.
Lots of love

Day 2
Woke up this morning to a winter wonderland, everything, as far as the eye could see was covered in snow, it was like a scene from a fairy tale, so beautiful.
With most of the unpacking done, today we just had a few boxes to sort out and we were done pretty quickly.
The kids went off with the new neighbors kids to ride sleds on the slopes just a few minutes walk from the house, I am so glad they are adjusting well and experiencing new things.
This left Frank and myself alone in the house, and as soon as the last box was unpacked, I made us each a huge cup of hot chocolate, and we sat in front of the window and watched the snow gently falling, it was so romantic.
Lots of love

Day 3
Frank went in to town with the new car today to go and buy stuff we never even thought we would need, he bought snow chains for the car, and a huge big shovel to shovel the drive, otherwise it is impossible to get your car out after a good snow fall.
Of course boys and their toys, as soon as he got home he took the shovel and started to shovel the drive, it is amazing how much energy the men can put into something when they want to.
The streets are swept by a huge machine which sweeps up the snow and throws it out a chimney type pipe out the side.
JUST as soon as Frank had finished shoveling the drive, the street sweeper came past and dumped tons of snow all over the drive, it was so funny, Frank and the Sweeper driver had a good giggle about it, I think we have made a new friend.
Lots of love

Day 4
Being Saturday, we all spent time together today at home and all got involved in building a big snowman out in the front yard, he looks so funny, and it was such fun, now we are the proud owners of the biggest snowman in the street.
Lots of love

Day 5
Sunday morning and another 6 inches of that white shit fell again last night………….


When in doubt, use full throttle,
it may not improve the situation, but it will end the suspence.
January 02, 2009 09:55AM
The photo attached was from a few years ago in Ottawa when our transit company learnt that their fancy new articulated buses don't much like the snow. Their engines are right at the back driving only the rear wheels of the tail. That arrangement is prone to jack-knifing in slippery conditions.

There is a bridge across the Ottawa River just out of view In the top right corner of this photo. It's one of five bridges joining Ottawa on the Ontario side to it's sister city Gatineau/Hull on the Quebec side. That bridge was closed in mid-December when cracks were found in the structure. The next day we got dumped on with some 30 cm of snow, and the transit company went on strike and still haven't returned to work.

Traffic has been hell ever since.

January 02, 2009 02:02PM
Haha, they should have known tail driven articulated busses don't like slippery conditions. They should have bought mid-wheel driven articulated busses...
In Finland, one of the busses I was on, had the engine up front and the drive in the rear, to distribute the weight. The driver was sitting next to a large box lined with carpet, funny sight.
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