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Wow. I wish I could afford this.

Posted by Dave_G 
May 29, 2009 09:04AM
In my never-ending quest to find old BMWs that I like even better than my current one, I found this:

1974 2002tii

Hokey smokes, that's a gorgeous car. Too bad the price is so out of this world, but if I had $18K burning a hole in my pocket...

I don't see many tii models around here. A year or so ago there was one in my parking lot at work for a few days. It was beat up, rusty, and in dire need of attention, and I thought THAT one was a great car. But this one just...

Hang on a minute, I need to clean the drool off my keyboard...

'91 325iX
I like, but not 18g like!
I like, but not 18g like!
Yeah, the price is outrageous, but I'll bet someone pays it.

'91 325iX
How I wish I could afford one...
Nice one Dave. They're one of my weakness's too, simple fun car. The fuel injection is fairly bulletproof too smiling smiley Just needing adjustments every so often (linkage rods and such). Good clean cars cost real money, finding a rust free one is hard around these parts!

I can appreciate the 2002's, but I don't know if I'd feel right driving one around. It would feel like I was faking nostalgia. This is probably due to how young I am :-)
Being born in 1984, the E30 really is my generation of car, also being the first car I learned to drive stick on. To try and adopt an older car still, one whose prime time was before I was even born, seems out of place to me.

Sorry for the slight tangent, I felt like sharing on this slow Friday, taking a break from my self induced education.
It's a great car though, I'm not saying I'd refuse it if someone gave it to me smileys with beer
I was working for a Bmw dealer in 1973 when the 2002 really hit big out here in the Hamptons, God, everybody here wanted one! and most did.

I've had a few and they are, without doubt, one of the most bestest cars ever on every front going, just think of a way a car can be great and the 2002 has it covered. Outside of my one tii all my cars had a jetted downdraft webered and and with good exhaust, (maybe a few bits here and there, the tii distributor was a must) that's all you really needed to make these cars sing smiling bouncing smiley

When I sold out and starting driving the Thirty, my first was a 1983-4 323 Baur euro, it was like falling in love all over again and this time with real suspension and brakes and all kinds of good stuff! AND, they don't rust as bad as the 02's did/do B)

There's quite a few still running around here, even three rag tops (very rare) that I've seen. In the summer they come out to play thumbs up
June 05, 2009 05:47PM
I always like reading yall talking about finding a rust free one, I am no rust virgin (I had a 76 MBZ that was gone but I tried to save her, cancer is the only way to describe it) but the kind of rust we get down here in Central Texas is nothing like what yall get up their. There are a few 2002s running around down here in the town I live in they are in great shape. Yesterday I was talking with a guy a block over with a m50 in his e30 and I had no idea now that the nights are getting nicer I have been seeing them more often.
June 20, 2009 06:59PM
02s are great cars, being IMHO the 2002tii the best.
I would prefer one over the turbo anytime.

That one is far from original, judging from the price i would say someone went broke rebuilding the car and wants the money back, with profit. With that kind of money I would buy some cheaper "rust-pot" and rebuild it myself instead.
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