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E30 brilliance rediscovered! Sheer Driving Please indeed

Posted by nomis3613 
Hi all,
Just wanna share the joy I experienced when I got my 325i back from the mechanic a couple of days ago. I've had a long-running saga where it wouldn't idle smoothly (sometimes the whole car would shake) and there was a delay in throttle response. Kept bugging me for over a year, and because it was intermittent, no-one could find the problem.

So the mechanic went over it with a fine-tooth comb (and lets not discuss how much money this saga has consumed...) and discovered a heap of small stuff (coolant temp sensor, valve clearances, vacuum leak, plugs, rotor cap, fuel pump blockage) that all added up to an unhappy M20.

And now? It's brilliant!! Idle is not perfect (ICV is not receiving correct voltage but all the usual stuff is ok so finding the cause would be really hard), but definitely good enough and 1000 times better than before. And the throttle response? AWESOME!!! I looooove the newfound crispness. Its absolutely transformed the way it drives. Shifts are now smoother, I just think about accelerating then it happens, low-speed parking is much easier and my bumbling attempts at throttle-blipping downshifts have improved out of sight!

E30s rock!!! Best cars ever!!!
Yes - I feel the same way when I get into my E30...it puts a smile on my face. I just don't get that same feeling when I drive my truck! B)-
People ask me why I drive a 25 year old car. My reponse is always the same.

1. It's paid for
2. I haven't found another car that performs as well as my 325E

(But a cupholder would be nice-those Germans are so task oriented!!!)

Last month I got sick and spent the better part of three weeks in the house, getting better. Janet caught it from one of her students and then she gave it to me.... The first day back outside, after I charged the battery of course, I took the thirty for a ride.

It would be hard to put into words how I felt that day but I couldn't imagine a nicer car to drive no matter how much you were willing to spend smileys with beer
Can hardly wait till warm weather to get the hard top off my E-30 and feel the breeze.

Bob in Everett
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