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My first track day(s)

Posted by jaffar 
March 23, 2016 04:47AM
Hi all

Last weekend I finally decided to try this. No special preparations, the car is 100% stock, 2006 Z4 2.5si with Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tires.
I did not even know what pressure to set so I used the one written on the door pillar - 2.1 front, 2.4 rear.

Day 1.
- 4.1 km circuit
- 1km straight line
- quite bumpy
- 180km/h at the end of the straight line
- very hard on the brakes (could be a driver problem though smiling smiley )
- met some interesting cars on the track - Mercedes SLS, Nissan GTR. The Honda S2000 with a huge wing is a lcensed pilot and one of the good ones.

Day 2.
- 1km circuit
- 134km/h at the end of the straight line
- easy on the brakes, hard on the tires - much better road material
- this time I did two sessions: first with DSC on, second with DTC on. Almost no difference in time, only the car handling was visibly different

Video of the second run (with a small event at 8:23) :

More videos on day2:

Session 1 front camera: [www.youtube.com]
Session 1 rear camera: [www.youtube.com]

Session 2 rear camera: [www.youtube.com]

Conclusion ? It's MAJOR fun, but it's hard on the car.
Next time I will probably rent a track car. On the big circuit they have VW Polo GTI (there's one in the video) and Dacia Logan, both race prepared.

A physics truck just turned over outside. There's physics everywhere!
March 23, 2016 05:06AM
Looks like fun. You were not tempted to try with DSC Off? That is what I would have been using all day at an event like that.
Let me guess that you tire wear is mostly the outsides of your front tires. I see you get the steering rather crossed up here and there. That really scrubs the edges off the tires. It is better to go off the throttle and try to get out of the understeer. You may want to brake a bit into the corners, and do a gradual transition from braking to cornering. This will cause a natural rotation in the car that cures understeer.
March 23, 2016 05:09AM
M3 drifting: [www.youtube.com]
Three laps with lap timer and a bunch of sensors:


Of course, I was tempted to kill the DSC, but I must admit I was afraid. I did not know the tracks, the partners level of insanity etc. Perhaps another time.

A physics truck just turned over outside. There's physics everywhere!

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March 28, 2016 05:28PM
Nice driving!

Where do you get the info below, like the position in track, timing and car data?

March 29, 2016 10:07AM
I'm using an app called Harry's Lap Timer Grand Prix Edition.
Using the internal iphone camera, GPS, accelerometer.
Connected to a ELM327 OBDII wi-fi dongle for car data.

Except for the GPS which is just 1Hz, the info is quite decent. On Android phones, you can connect an external GPS unit that runs at 10Hz and is much more accurate.
Can also be connected to a GoPro and control video recording and create PIP videos.

A physics truck just turned over outside. There's physics everywhere!
April 07, 2016 04:31AM
I am searching those kind of app, cause my ex-taxi odometer quit counting a while back and i would like to have something doing just that function, from a tablet or my phone.

My old car has no OBD, so no engine data can be displayed.
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