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I Got It Bad.......

Posted by jefrolison 
August 10, 2015 05:15PM
I bought my 13th BMW in March. Some say that's an unlucky number. So I guess I have to get rid of one.......or buy another! I now have:
2-1992 325iC's both Laguna Green 5 speed flew out to Iowa City IA. Automatic shipped from Clarksville TN.
1-1991 325iX Sterling Silver 4 door Automatic shipped from Los Angeles
1-1989 325iX Brilliant Red 4 Door Automatic bought from ex
1-1989 325iX Cinnabar Red 2 Door Automatic retired
1-1989 325iX Diamond Schwartz Metallic 2 Door 5 speed retired
1-1989 325iX Diamond Schwartz Metallic 4 Door 5 speed retired
1-1988 325iX Cinnabar Red 2 Door 5 speed flew out to Detroit drove home through Canada
1-1988 325iX Cinnabar Red 2 Door 5 speed
1-1988 325iX Diamond Schwartz 2 Door 5 speed semi- retired
1-1974 3.0 Bavaria Polaris Silver Automatic shipped from San Francisco
1-1974 3.0 Bavaria Chamonix 5 speed retired
1-1971 3.0cs Anthracite Metallic converted to D-Jet csi
Last year at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix E-30 was the featured marquee guess who won for most e-30's?
Do I need therapy?
August 10, 2015 09:08PM
That is quite a collection. I am invious as I only have two.

Bob in Everett
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August 11, 2015 06:00AM
Very good, indeed!
You are the "Jay Leno" of the E30 BMW, you need a large garage to keep all that!
I notice a trend for 1988 325iX. Ever considered 4 cylinder engines?
August 11, 2015 07:16AM
I bought a 1991 318iC Mauritius Blue 5 speed in Sioux Falls SD. Flew out to drive it home. As the plane lands the owner informs me he can't keep the car running and he has an appointment at a shop to fix the car. He drives me out to look at the "Clean Carfax " car and I find every panel from doors forward is an "R". The car was totaled and fixed without going through insurance, police etc. When I looked at the brake fluid reservoir fluid was black. The "mess under the intake" was just that 20 year old rotten cracked rubber hoses. I drive the car out to the shop. Heater/Defroster fan relay bad and its below freezing. Have to keep the RPM's up to keep it from stalling. Afraid this car would leave me stranded in wide expanse of Kansas. Tell the seller take me back to the airport I want to undo the deal . It's Friday Night at 7PM and the last flight going east left ten minutes ago. Six rental car agencies most don't want me to take their car east and no return. One outfit will rent me a Minivan for $1100 for two days. Last stop is National guy will give me a Chevy Malibu and three days to get home for an extra $100 because not returning the car.Now the guy has my money, car and title and ignores me. File a claim on PayPal have my money back within 72 hours. Closest I ever came to a 4 pot.
August 11, 2015 08:39AM
What an horror story!
Ended up spending a lot of money, and no car.
What bugs me most is people try to pass a bad car lying instead of admitting car needs some work.
Specially if he knew for a fact you would fly from a long distance to pick the car.
If you were expecting the car to have issues, and decide to buy it anyway and have it towed, it would be better for everyone!

Better luck next time!
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