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OT: "I have a dream"

Posted by Jose Pinto 
August 27, 2013 09:00AM
video: [youtu.be]

Some moments echo through time.
Sounds like another planet, heard from the "austerity" and "impoverish" times we face today.
August 28, 2013 09:59PM
I think divide and conquer are where we are now. If we did not have government sponsored racism, this would have been over long ago. We spend enough on poverty programs to give everyone below the poverty line a decent income but they are still poor. There are just too many people making money out of poverty programs to want to actually implement what would cure it.

Bob in Everett
August 28, 2013 11:47PM
I don't know that much but from MLKs speech to now (having a black president) blows my mind. thumbs up

I don't think government is going to do much for getting people out of poverty (I think that has more to do with the people themselves and I don't hold much hope for that!). I do see things getting better in the private sector though, all kinds of things that translate in to hope. We have a long way to go but there has been some progress... smileys with beer

August 29, 2013 07:18AM
The world moved so much ahead, since MLK speech, and now is moving so much backwards.
sad smiley
I know nothing about how it is in other countries. Poverty is created by men. Someone said" It takes many poor to make just one rich person."
I am not talking dysfunctional individuals who can't keep a job, I am talking educated people that get some underpaid job, work like hell and can't live with dignity, let alone raise their children properly.
There are near 1 million unemployed in Portugal, and 3 million in Germany. Greece has 27% unemployed, about 1,5 million. Consider the country size, and you get the picture...

People must be given a fair chance in life. Europe is being now destroyed in it's foundation by denying the youth a chance to be independent and free.
Like Bob said, few profit from the poverty and misery of many.
Consider the public debt from ALL countries in the world. That sum, the world owes, was borrowed from who?! Where do they got the money from, to lend, in the first place? This is nothing new, we are being given "Panis circensis" from our governments. Some things must be so much better explained, to make sense!
The roman empire fell apart because of the corrupt government and too high public expense, and gave place to several centuries of the "middle age". Are we bound to fall there again?

That's my dream, to fight ignorance and poverty.
Do you have a dream?
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