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Camshaft Locking Tool - M40 engine

Posted by gtr161 
March 07, 2011 11:15PM
Firstly, I'm a newbie and so this is my first post...

Now, the problem... I'm replacing the head gasket on a friends M40, cam belt etc and note that the manual refers to a locking pin for the crank, and a cam locking 'saddle' that sits over the square flats on the end of the camshaft. My question is, are there any drawing of these tools as they look simple enough to make (I have access to a lathe etc..) and, can the cam be timed accurately enough without the aid of the cam locking tool. There doesn't appear to be any obvious witness marks or pointers for the cam, however there is a definite arrow for the crank pulley. Any help would be appreciated..
Hi Tom, welcome to the nuthouse, here you will find all the info you need, this is the most knowledgeable and nicest bunch of Beemer owners you could wish to meet.

The cam timing is a no brainer, but you have to be methodical and just recheck every step............ask me how I know. :rolleyes:
The pin for locating the hole in the flywheel is easy enough, an 8mm drill bit works perfectly, you will find the hole in the engine block down the bottom, on the side, between the two webs, it has a little plastic plug that you just pull out.
Be warned, the arrow on the timing cover means nothing, IGNORE IT, get the motor to almost TDC, firing on number 1 then slowly rock the motor back and forth on the nut on the front of the crankshaft until the drill bit locates in the hole in the flywheel.

You do not need the cam tool to hold the cam, so don't worry about it, just make sure when you put it all back together that the square flat on the camshaft is EXACTLY parallel to the top of the head (the surface where the rocker cover sits on) then you should be good to go.
Here you can see the square on the end of the cam, make sure it is parallel to the gasket surface.

While you are in there, remove the spray bar above the cam and check that all the little holes are clear, they tend to gum up and that will cost you a camshaft...........ask me how I know. :rolleyes:


When in doubt, use full throttle,
it may not improve the situation, but it will end the suspence.
Hi Flyboy, thanks for the response and the warm welcome...I'm sure I have it all sussed, nevertheless, I did find a pictorial representation of the tool - see attached file. Hopefully it will help others.


open | download - Cam locking tool..jpg (34.9 KB)
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