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Blower fan repair time...

Posted by Archeo-peteriX 
November 18, 2009 09:10AM
Great, great, great!!! I became concerned when you were talking about getting rid of the IX. Glad it all worked out. Now, onward to the next failed relay!!


I can't get rid of the iX...I have no money left and new cars/trucks cost money grinning smiley
November 18, 2009 09:45AM
Bert spent about ten minutes taking me through what he found and what he did...and he only charged me .8 hours labour. This guy is good thumbs up
People like that are rare, but worth their weight in gold. When I get good service like that from someone honest, I don't begrudge the expense when a big job eventually comes up.

I hate getting raped for an unneccessary expensive repair, but I don't mind paying extra for good service.
November 18, 2009 01:11PM
First I read he charged you for 8 hours of work, I thought he was pretty cheap. But even at 0.8 hours, he isn't expensive at all. A BMW dealership doesn't go below three figure bills...

I used to have a mechanic like this one as well. No matter what job, or for who, I'd recommend him to everyone. And the greatest part of all: his wife helped him with all the dirty stuff. I was billed a bit too much once, they called me to tell I could come and get my money back. I never did, they deserved it.
November 18, 2009 03:10PM
Bert did a full electrical diagnostic before pulling the motor; just to make sure it wasn't something else that blew the 30 amp fuse. Then he pulled the motor out and put it on the bench for some more resistance test. When he saw there were no electrical problems; he said he pulled the squirrel cages to access the bushings. He said he uses some kind of lubricant that never dries out and won't migrate away from the bushing(I'm guessing a synthetic). As soon as he applied the stuff the shaft freed right up.

Upon reassembly, he did a final electrical test to see that the current draw in all four positions of the speed switch were within spec(don't know where he got the spec). Position 4 pulled 18amps while the other three pulled lower on the blower side of the resistor block. He also took the time to tighten up the rivets on the resistor block as one of the tangs was loose(again).

Bert spent about ten minutes taking me through what he found and what he did...and he only charged me .8 hours labour. This guy is good thumbs up

He was quite surprised that I knew so much about the car winking smiley

Cool Peter, sounds like you found a nice guy......worth their weight in gold smileys with beer hey pal?
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