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How to stiffen up your shifter?

Posted by Earendil 
June 20, 2009 08:23PM
A long time ago, I read a DIY article on resolving the side to side play in a shifter nob by replacing some PITA bushing.
The only article I can find now, is a Pelican article describing how to replace like 10 different parts in the shifter linkage, and I'm wondering if replacing all of it is necessary, or if they are just trying to sell a few more parts? The bushing costs a couple bucks, but the "repair kit" they sell cost some where around $85 (don't quote me).

Has anyone done this job? What all did you replace?

I also hope to not have to drop the transmission, just the exhaust and drive shaft...

1989 - E30 - M20 - Manual. Approximately 270,000 miles
2000 - E46 - M52TUB28 - Manual. Approximately 110,000 miles

June 21, 2009 01:36AM
i dont know what it takes to replace everything, but i'm pretty sure their "kit" includes all the things you want to replace, not extra stuff. link to the kit?

June 21, 2009 02:02PM
Well I can't find any of the info now, but from what I remember reading (possibly on the old BEN) was that the first and most major thing to go was this bushing, and that replacing it was the biggest deal. If the bushing rids me of 85% of the play for $5, and the other 15% is going to cost $70 + more time, I'm not inclined to think it's worth it. But I really just don't know.

The pelican article on repairing (and E36, though it all looks pretty similar)

The Kits for repairing the shifter and linkage (scroll down for E30)

I may spring for the entire thing... But I'm still unemployed, and getting ready to move (hopefully) and be employed (hopefully) so I *AM* trying to minimize cost, while also taking advantage of all this free time and my Dad's extensive set of (carpentry) tools.

The article makes a note that all pieces may not need to be replaced. I suppose that's what I'd like to know from someone who has done this repair. How bad a shape were the rest of the assembly compared to the main bushing?

1989 - E30 - M20 - Manual. Approximately 270,000 miles
2000 - E46 - M52TUB28 - Manual. Approximately 110,000 miles

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