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I am hoping someone has a similar experience to share on my problem.

I had some body and paint work done to get my E30 out of the garage and back on the road as my daily driver.

I went over a bump in the road as I drove away and was clicking the AC switch on. I triple tapped the button.

The AC and Recirc buttons went dark. The blower quit working. My power windows stopped working. My power mirrors stopped working. Maybe my power washer quit, maybe it was already not pumping (- a fresh refill had not pumped to the spray heads and I had not heard the pump working in a cursory attempt to clean the windshield at the shop.)

Drive systems all worked so I motored home. I checked my related fuses and all were good. I replaced them anyway. I replaced K5 relay (high power circuit.) No joy.

I took it back to my BMW mechanic and he could find no shorts or burnt wires. He replaced K5, K7 (some systems were on K7) and AC relays to no effect. Finally he shorted K5 and K7 to ground on the firewall. Power Mirrors were back, Power Windows were back and AC and Recirc buttons light, but I get very limited AC. Blower only works on High.

At home I pulled the driver's seat, the driver side lower dash panel, the shelf it attaches to and steering column lower cover to access the ground point. I was hoping to find corrosion or sparking damage but the ground wires and connectors were very clean. I spray cleaned the posts and connectors, then emery cloth rubbed the connectors.

I am still putting it all back together, with the additional step of spray cleaning and rubbing the multi-connectors of the wiring harness as I get out from under the dash.

Because the ground point was so clean, I am not expecting a recovery from this repair work.


Happy E30 Motoring,

Vic Gammill

1990 325i Convertible
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