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Now this is an instrument cluster I could really get used to...

Posted by Archeo-peteriX 
It's in the new 2012 Fiat 500 which is selling like hotcakes here...

Is the Fiat going to be more reliable than they used to be? I have heard we are going to be able to get them here eventually but ...

I do not plan to "upgrade" from my E-30 for a long time. When one already has the chariot of the gods, one need not even frequent the showrooms.

Bob in Everett
Since Fiat is now 'associated' with Chrysler, I can only assume the quality and reliability will be worse than it was before :lol:
As the somewhat abivalent owner of a PT Cruiser, all I can say is if Chrysler is behind Fiat, the odds are 50-50 the car will crap out on the test drive. And everything at the certified Chrysler repair facility is pretty simple. You just multiply $800 by an integer. My wife just had to have a PT Cruiser. She thought they were so cute.

Fiat had a nasty reputation, mostly due to cars they sold at the 80's, early 90's.
I don't have one myself, but people over here are more content with them than they used to.

The Fiat 500 came out very well, it has been a success!
It's a shame such a great design doesn't have much more new technology...
Fiat is developing a new twin cylinder air cooled compact engine, to power the small car range and the hybrids to come...

Well then I hope your wife didn't have to have you... :whistle:
I drove the 500 with the twinair two cylinder 900cc turbocharged engine (watercooled!), it was actually a nice little thing. Sounds a bit like a twostroke moped, very much fun to rev it (but that affects the fuel consumption), quick enough around town and on the occasional highway.
Since Fiat is now 'associated' with Chrysler, I can only assume the quality and reliability will be worse than it was before :lol:

Well, the "Bmw"," mini cooper" is a Chrysler product made in Brazil and they are pretty reliable :wavey: the newer ones anyhow.

Of course there's nothing Bmw about the mini sad smiley pisses me off they carry the badge though
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