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Power antenna failed

Posted by Bob in Everett 
August 17, 2015 07:45PM
I wonder how one gets the power antenna out of the car when th actuator has failed and will not extend the antenna fully. It is a bit more than half way up. The motor runs but the antenna will not move up or down even with some encouragement from myself. It seems like the antenna must be removed before the actuator can be removed from the car.

Bob in Everett
August 24, 2015 10:08PM
I just removed mine the other day. You have to remove the driver side panel in your trunk. The actuator is behind the panel. Once the panel is off, disconnect the power plug(be careful), disconnect the ground and the two bolts at the bottom of the actuator. Then pull the actuator down so the neck slides out of the rubber grommet. However, with your antenna stuck half up you have fun getting it all thru the rubber grommet. Most probably what has happened to your actuator is the small drive belt that runs from the electric motor to the gear box has snapped. This thing probably cost .27 cents to make, good luck trying to find one. BMW will tell you to buy a new actuator. I've seen them at Pelican for $85, with a new antenna. I'm too damn cheap, I'm going to find a belt that will work on this,,,,,I hope. Maybe someone else out there has an idea on replacing that little belt.
August 24, 2015 10:47PM
Could you post a picture of the insides and the belt?
I might find a substitute belt. I can hear the motor running for the time it is supposed to run. The belt must be the part that slips when the antenna is at max position.

Bob in Everett
August 25, 2015 09:47PM
It wont let me load the pics,,,,I'll try later. The drive belt measures 5mm wide, 125mm long, and it has 40 teeth. Its made by ISORAN, and the only number on it is "L9"
August 25, 2015 11:00PM
I was luckey enough to buy a few manual antennas when you could buy them, I think they have gone extinct by now but..... maybe still to be had in Germany. Isn't there a way to manually move these up and down (the electric ones)

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August 25, 2015 11:48PM
Maybe if one left a little of the plastic thing with the teeth on it to give it some friction it may stay extended. My thought is that it would not stay up by itself.
I have begun to enjoy the automatic function so may try to repair or replace but am concerned that the antenna will have to be cut off to get the assembly out of the car.

Bob in Everett
August 26, 2015 08:14PM
My old antenna stayed extended for the past four yrs that I've owned this car. I was changing it because the old one got snapped off,,,,,vandalism most prob. Anyway, Bob in Everett, I'm not having any luck sending these pics cause they're too big for this site. If you post your email, I'll send them to you that way. I found a blog on a site the other night, I would've saved it, but he talks about how to put a Z-3 fixed antenna on one of our 3 series, along with part #'s. If I find it, I'll post it.
August 26, 2015 08:55PM
I found the website. Hopefully this helps. I'm thinking I'm going to try this instead of the power antenna.

August 26, 2015 08:57PM
It's not showing the entire address. Just search "power antenna". It's from "twoJ's".
August 26, 2015 10:32PM
Great article. Thanks for the link. On a weekend soon I will try to get the old one out and see if I can disassemble to the broken belt. I like fixing things.

Bob in Everett
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