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Look who's back from the dead!

Posted by Emre (OO=[][]=OO) 
January 09, 2013 12:27PM
I'm so happy to see that BEN is back!

This is Emre. Formerly "Emre (OO=[][]=OO) 318is" from the old days. I'm pretty sure I was one of the earliest members of BEN, along with Ove Kvam, Ben Carufel, and that crowd.

In the years since BEN, I've stayed active on various regional forums (e.g., MontrealRacing.com) and some E30-oriented boards (e.g., r3vlimited). But I've always missed the old crew from BEN. Glad to see some of you back!

After some 20 years of ownership, I sold my 318is this year. I was sad to see it go, but I needed to make room for newer projects. That's why I dropped the "318is" from my username.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back.

Looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new ones.

Emre (OO=[][]=OO)
January 09, 2013 02:48PM
Welcome back! Some of us are still around, some have sold their E30's but we can't keep them out. As long as they're nice, they can stay.
January 09, 2013 07:12PM
Well, I have only had my E-30 for 8 years so I must have a few more to go. I am not tired of driving it yet.

Bob in Everett
January 10, 2013 10:19AM
Hi Emre,

Good to see you back smileys with beer
Not much has changed here other than we got smaller. I guess as folks moved on from their E30s they didn't find much of interest here.
Some of us, like yourself, no longer have their E30s but we still hang around here becuase you can take the driver out of the E30 but you can't take the E30 out of the driver :lol:

We occasionally still manage to track down problems and help others get their E30s back up and running. It keeps out brains from rusting I guess :burnout:
January 13, 2013 05:42PM
Long time no see!

Welcome back!

smileys with beer
January 13, 2013 07:46PM
Jose Pinto
Long time no see!

Welcome back!

smileys with beer

Don't you just love it when someone from the old times returns :cool2:
January 14, 2013 12:55AM
Hey, Jose! Nice to see you again.
January 14, 2013 07:02AM
Jose Pinto
Long time no see!

Welcome back!

smileys with beer

Don't you just love it when someone from the old times returns :cool2:

Yes indeed! :wavey:
January 14, 2013 07:05AM
Emre (OO=[][]=OO)
Hey, Jose! Nice to see you again.

Hi Emre e-30-front-without 318is, glad you still remember the name! :cool:

I am temporarily without e-30 as well, the 323i had to go to a better house cause it was too thirsty for my thin wallet.
Better days will come, I am sure.
February 12, 2014 10:03AM
Hey I remember that clever name of yours!
July 19, 2016 06:00PM
Many years since I've been on here too. I used to have the black 318iS with the Tech II kit in Oz. That one is long gone! But I now have a Bronzit 325i Sedan (with a Tech II lower kit).
I used to be register member 42!
I'll update my sig later... See how many names I recognise from the turn of the century when I was last on here.
My new car is in the pic, only had this one for the last 13 years!
open | download - IMG_20160229_112000.jpg (150.8 KB)
July 25, 2016 04:32PM
July 26, 2016 12:19PM
Hey ya'll! Long time no see!

Does Peter still have his iX?
August 28, 2016 04:30PM
He had to sell it a couple of years ago. Haven't heard from him in a while...
August 28, 2016 05:04PM
Ohhhhhh noooooo I hope it wasn't because of financial reasons. That is so sad sad smiley
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